Add a little Old-World refinement to your surroundings with antique, vintage, or modern mirrors

Whether they acquire their distinctive mottled finish through age or artful distressing, antiqued mirrors offer a sense of history and worldly sophistication. Not only are mirrors an item of necessity in our daily lives, with a mind open to some creativity and imagination, one shall realize the uses of mirrors in home décor are indeed plenty! We hope by the end of this blog, you will have enough insight on how to accessorize your dwelling with the aid of mirrors!

Illuminate your room

If your room has a small window and you’re someone who prefers natural light as opposed to artificial light, then you can maximize the lighting of the room by positioning the mirror at an angle so that light is symmetrically reflected to the other side of the room. If you want to take it a step further, then you may consider using multiple mirrors. Place one of the mirrors closest to the light source and align the rest so that you can see the reflection of one in the other. In this way, the light will bounce off of one mirror to the next and create an array of natural lighting – dispersed throughout the room. There, now you have a perfectly lit room – without consuming electricity during the day!

Foyer Mirrors

Many designers start using mirrors right at the entrance of a home. A mirror in the foyer, like in the elegant interior shown below, is a great idea for last-minute hair and make-up check, before running out the door.

Use it as a statement piece

In interiors nowadays, a mirror is not only useful in the dressing room – but it makes for a great focal point in any area. To make the most out of an ordinary wall, use a decoratively framed mirror. You can use round mirrors with spiked frames or opt for an even fancier look with overlapping diamond mirrors and such. Choose an elegant colour for the frame, like gold or platinum, for a classy outlook. Place a table and a small vase or showpiece in front of it, and there you have it – a fantastic feature wall!

Beautiful Mirror Frame

If you have a traditional interior, then an antique mirror that has a beautiful aged frame, complete with its inherent imperfections, can be the focal point of interest in your room.

Kitchen Mirror

With a little imagination, the possibilities of using mirrors in home décor are endless. A large mirror could be used in a small kitchen to completely change the look of a plain wall, create the illusion of added space, and enhance the appearance of the cabinets.

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