About Us

 The story of Bangalore Hunts begins with my own hunt for quirky and vintage furniture when I was setting up my home. As I was unable to find what I was looking for at reasonable prices in Bangalore, I began to look for such furniture and décor items while travelling. During these trips across India, I found a clutch of reliable manufacturers and gained access to a wide range of unique and unusual pieces of furniture and décor. Having realised how difficult it is to source such furniture at a reasonable price point, I decided to bring this type of furnishings to Bangaloreans who were looking for similar designs.

It has been 5 years since then. I now run a small home studio and have decided to expand the business to an online portal. This expansion would not have been possible without my dear friend and colleague, Sahana. She came on board a year ago and together we have been able to expand this brand and business to new and exciting heights.

Bangalore Hunts is a women-run business. We source our furniture from factories that follow strict manufacturing norms and practices, which use ethically sourced wood and do not use child labour.



 The Team: Vandana Puranik, Founder and Chief Hunter (left) and Sahana BV, Alfred to Vandana's Batman (right) at our stall in an exhibition in Bangalore.